Inspection Services

Residential Inspection Services

Residential home Inspection services

Commercial Inspection Services

Commercial Inspection Services  - office building

Residential Home Inspection Services

Appliances and Interior of Home

Appliances and interior of home inspection - kitchen with marble counters

Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range, vent hood, built-in microwave.  Walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors, fireplaces, and stairways. 

Attic and Crawl Space

Attic and crawl space inspections

Roof sheathing, roof framing, insulation, plumbing, chimneys, ventilation, roof penetrations, ducting, electrical wiring.  Foundation, floor structure joists and sub flooring electrical wiring, plumbing. 


Electrical inspections

Service equipment, wiring, sub panels, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches and receptacles. 

Exterior and Garage

Exterior and Garage inspections

 Foundation, siding, trim, attached decks, porches, soffit & fascia, flashings, windows & doors, driveways & entrance walkways, and grading around the home.  Floor, walls, ceilings, vehicle doors and automatic door openers. 

Heat and Air Conditioning

Heat and air conditioning inspections

 Air conditioning and heat pump equipment, electrical supply, air handler and furnace equipment, condenser and evaporator coils, condensate drain, supply and return ducting. 

Sprinkler System, Pool

Sprinker system and pool inspections

Electrical, visible piping and sprinklers, basic operation.  Pool equipment, visual inspection of the pool’s surface, pool light function.

Commercial Building Inspection Services

Commercial Structure inspection

We are a commercial inspection company ready to help on one or many of your commercial projects.

We are a commercial inspection company ready to  help you on one or many commercial projects. 

Commercial Roof inspection

Commercial roof inspection

We help local businesses keep a strong roof over their properties and team members.

Commercial Plumbing Inspection

Commercial plumming Inspection services

Our team of inspectors will make sure your plumbing is up to standard and state law. 

Commercial Electrical Inspection

Commercial Electrical Inspection

Is your building using the correct wattage bulbs for your light fixtures?  Proper wire sizes? 

Commercial Interior inspection

Commercial Interior inspection

Dream Home Inspection will document the wall condition, visible insulation, roofs, and floors.

Commercial Exterior inspection

Commercial exterior inspection building

Our team of licensed commercial inspectors will audit and document the condition of the exterior.  

Other Inspection Services

Wood Destroying Organism (WDO)

WDO Inspection - Wood eaten by termites

Report outlining if a property has been infested by wood destroying organisms. Often termites but sometimes beetles and fungi.

Preferred Pest Control Company

Pest control Daytona Beach

Pest Control, termite control, and lawn spraying company providing full service pest control located in the Daytona Beach. Providing pest control related services to all of Volusia County  and the greater Daytona Beach surrounding areas. 

Sample Home inspection report

home-inspection-report-example (pdf)